4th Test, Day 3 Live: Shami’s Twin Strikes Rattle England At Rose Bowl

Mohammed Shami dismissed opener Keaton Jennings (36) just before lunch as England ended the morning session with 92 on the board for the of three wickets on Day 3 of the Southampton Test. Indian pacers struck twice early but opener Keaton Jennings along with skipper Joe Root stitched a crucial 59-run partnership for the third wicket taking England’s out of trouble. The duo also took the team’s second innings lead to 65 runs. Resuming on the score of 6 without loss at the end of day 2, England lost Alastair Cook (12) in the seventh over of the morning. Skipper Joe Root promoted Moeen Ali (9) to number three position, but the all-rounder failed to impress with the bat. A brilliant away swinging delivery from Ishant Sharma ended Moeen Ali’s struggle at the crease. Post Ali’s departure, skipper Root along with Jennings played cautiously against the Indian bowlers denying them any further wickets. It was in the final over before lunch, when Mohammed Shami nipped one right back into Jennings trapping him in front of the stumps. For India, the pace bowling trio of Mohammed Shami, Ishan Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah managed a wicket each. (LIVE SCORECARD)

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Live updates between India vs England, 4th Test, Day 3, straight from The Rose Bowl, Southampton

Tea, Day 3 – England 152 for 5, lead India by 125 runs in the second innings.

20:13 IST: Jos Buttler negotiates the last ball of Bumrah’s and umpires decide to go for tea break. Ben Stokes is batting on 20 alongside Jos Buttler on 22 runs.

20:06 IST: 150 up for England! The partnership between Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler has now moved on to 28 runs. Both batsmen looking solid now. England now lead by 123 runs in the second innings. ENG 150-5 after 56.5 overs.

19:50 IST: 20 minutes to go for Tea! Both Jos Buttler (16) and Ben Stokes (14) playing cautiously at the moment. Will India manage another wicket before the break?

19:39 IST: Bowling change for India! Mohammed Shami comes back into the attack. Replaces Ishant Sharma.

19:31 IST: FOUR! Jos Buttler gets off the mark with a cheeky boundary. Ishant Sharma’s delivery gets the edge but the ball falls short of second slip. Passes between the slip fielders and runs away to the fence. England now have a 100-run lead in the second innings. ENG 126-5 after 47.4 overs.

19:23 IST: OUT! Joe Root gets run-out after scoring 48 runs. Mohammed Shami with a direct hit from mid-on and Root finds himself short. Bad call from Ben Stokes. India finally manage to get the break through. ENG 122-5 after 46 overs.

19:19 IST: Huge Lbw appeal from Ishant Sharma. The entire slip cordon goes up as well. Ben Stokes fall over but umpire rules not out. After discussing, Virat decides not to take the review. Replay clearly shows that the ball was pitched out side the leg stump. ENG 118-4 after 45.2 overs.

19:13 IST: Drinks Break! Both Joe Root and Ben Stokes pretty watchful at the moment. Both have stitched a 25-run partnership for the fifth wicket. ENG 117-4 after 44 overs.

19:03 IST: Beaten! Beauty from Ishant Sharma this time. Just misses the outside edge of England skipper Joe Root. ENG 117-4 after 42 overs.

18:56 IST: Bowling change! Ashwin comes back into the attack. Will operate with a slip, a leg slip and a forward short-leg. ENG 108-4 after 40 overs.

18:49 IST: Beaten! Absolute beauty from Jasprit Bumrah. Beats the outside edge of Ben Stokes. Ajinkya Rahane heard some thing but he was the only one to do so. With no support from the bowler or slip fielders, Virat Kohli decides not go for the review. ENG 107-4 after 38.5 overs.

18:40 IST: Another maiden over from Jasprit Bumrah. He has kept things really tight from the opposite end. Mohammed Shami will continue. ENG 105-4 after 37 overs.

18:33 IST: 100 up for England! Mohammed Shami strays on to the pads and Root clips in away for a boundary. Fine-leg fielder gives up the chase. England skipper moves into the forties as well with the boundary. ENG 103-4 after 35.1 overs.

18:22 IST: FOUR! Joe Root denies Shami a hat-trick. Places the ball in the vacant gully region and it runs away for a four. Brilliant diving effort from Rahul but is unable to stop the ball. ENG 97-4 after 33.1 overs.

18:17 IST: Huge Lbw appeal from Jasprit Bumrah! Umpire rules not-out. Joe Root trapped in front but height was the factor on that one. Virat decides not to take the review. ENG 92-4 after 32.1 overs.

18:13 IST: OUT! First ball after lunch and Jonny Bairstow walks back for a duck. Perfect delivery from Mohammed Shami cleans up Bairstow. Shami will be on a hat-trick in his next over. ENG 92-4 after 32 overs.

Lunch, Day 3 – England 92 for the loss 3 wickets. Lead India by 65 runs.

17:32 IST: OUT! Mohammed Shami strikes just before lunch. The ball kept a bit low and Jennings is trapped in front of the stumps. He walks back after scoring 36 runs. ENG 92-3 after 31.5 overs.

17:24 IST: 50-run partnership comes up between Joe Root and Keaton Jennings.

17:19 IST: Huge shout from Ashwin and wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant. Joe Root looks confident. Virat decides not to take the review. Replay clearly shows that the ball was going down the leg side. ENG 77-2 after 28.4 overs.

17:07 IST: Bowling change for India! Mohammed Shami comes in to replace Jasprit Bumrah.

17:04 IST: FOUR! Another boundary off Ashwin. This time it’s Joe Root who sweeps Ashwin on the on-side to collect a boundary. ENG 70-2 after 24.5 overs.

17:02 IST: Just under 30 minutes to go for lunch and Mohammed Shami can be seen warming up. He might be on the attack soon. ENG 66-2 after 23.5 overs.

16:56 IST: FOUR! Consecutive boundaries for Keaton Jennings against Ashwin. First one is a daring reverse sweep which pays off. Second one is more conventional sweep on the leg side. Jennings looking confident now against the off-spinner. ENG 59-2 after 22.3 overs.

16:54 IST: Four and 50 up for England! Joe Root cuts the ball square of the wicket to collect a boundary. Bumrah is disappointed with himself. ENG 51-2 after 22 overs.

16:50 IST: Huge LBW appeal from Jasprit Bumrah. Virat Kohli decides to take the review. Replay clearly shows that the ball was going over the stumps. On-field decision stays. Joe Root survives and India lose their review. ENG 47-2 after 21.2 overs.

16:37 IST: Bowling change for India straight after drinks break! Ashwin brought back into the attack, replaces Jasprit Bumrah.

16:34 IST: Ishant Sharma receives second official warning for running on the pitch. He has now switched to over the wicket after the warning from the umpire. Another warning and Ishant will be out of the attack. ENG 36-2 after 17.5 overs.

16:21 IST: OUT! It’s Ishant Sharma this time for India. Second wicket falls for England as Moeen Ali (9) fails to impress at number three spot. KL Rahul takes a sharp low catch at second slip. The ball was angled in and then moved across after pitching taking Ali’s outside edge on the way. ENG 33-2 after 15.4 overs.

16:15 IST: FOUR! Thick outside edge from the bat of Moeen Ali and the ball races to the fence through the vacant gully region. Bumrah is disappointed. England are now in the leadENG 32-1 after 14.3 overs.

16:08 IST: Change in batting order for England! Moeen Ali promoted to number three position. Comes in ahead of skipper Joe Root.

16:07 IST: OUT! First wicket of the morning for India. Jasprit Bumrah strikes. Over the wicket from Bumrah and the ball goes with the angle taking outside edge of Alastair Cook. Rahul at second slip takes the catch in the third attempt. Cook walks back after scoring 12 runs. ENG 24-1 after 12.1 overs.

15:55 IST: FOUR! Keaton Jennings collects his first boundary of the day. Plays the ball late through the vacant gully region for four runs. ENG 21-0 after 10.2 overs.

15:54 IST: Bowling change for India! Jasprit Bumrah replaces Ravichandran Ashwin. ENG 16-0 after 10 overs.

15:42 IST: FOUR! First boundary of the morning for England and Alastair Cook. Ishant strays on to the pads and Cook flicks it away to mid-wicket region for four runs. ENG 13-0 after 7.2 overs.

15:40 IST: Big appeal for LBW from Ashwin on the final ball of his second over. Umpire adjourns not out. Skipper Virat decides not to take the review. ENG 9-0 after 7 overs.

15:37 IST: Maiden! Ishant Sharma starts with a maiden from the other end. Right on the money from the lanky pacer in his first over. ENG 7-0 after 6 overs.

15:33 IST: Just one run from Ashwin’s first over of the morning. Ishant Sharma will share the ball with him from the other end. ENG 7-0 after 5 overs.

15:32 IST: First run on the board for England on the third day. On the pads from Ashwin and Cook guides the ball to the on-side for a single. ENG 7-0 after 4.5 overs.

15:29 IST: Openers Alstair Cook and Keaton Jennings are at the centre to start day 3 for England. Ravichandran Ashwin will start the proceedings for India.

14:50 IST: Big day for England with the bat!

14:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the live match updates of day 3 of the 4th Test between India and England.

Pujara’s innings and his last-wicket stand of 46 runs with Jasprit Bumrah (6) have virtually made the encounter at Rose Bowl a game of second innings. He got to his 15th century, and second outside Asia, with a double over the bowler’s head, and well aware of the significance of the knock to the final outcome, the unassuming India number three raised his bat and helmet in celebration.

It was appropriate, even as the visitors inched closer to England’s first-innings effort. Pujara’s footwork against spin, always a feature of his game in home conditions, came to the fore in the first innings of an overseas Test, and it helped India. As he settled down, the batsman looked comfortable against the pacers and ensured there was no hiccup from at least one end.  In what turned out to be another eventful day of Test cricket, India slumped from 161 for four to 195 for eight in the final session of play, with veteran off-spinner Moeen Ali doing the bulk of the damage.

Had it not been for Mooen’s impressive return of 5/63, India would have run away with the game as the visitors negated the seam duo of James Anderson and Stuart Broad in the first session, reaching 100 for two at lunch. England enjoyed the upper hand in the post-lunch session despite dogged defiance from Pujara as India went into tea at 181 for five. Rishabh Pant (0) patiently left the deliveries outside the off-stump before Moeen Ali got one to straighten and trapped him leg-before at the stroke of tea.

Pujara, however, batted in his customary style, reaching 70 off 151 balls with nine boundaries to his credit. Pujara took time to settle down and waited patiently for the loose deliveries to dispatch them to the boundary. Skipper Virat Kohli (46) once again looked good for a big score before Sam Curran managed to draw him forward, inducing a thickish outside edge to Alastair Cook in the slip cordon.

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